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Ports of Call

The owners of the restaurant are Jake and Ray. They both have quite a history of traveling. Jake has worked in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Parts of Africa, and Latin America. Ray who is from the Philippines, as well as Virginia and New York. The place is a family owned and run restaurant. They serve handcrafted and fine cuisine.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to provide some of the finest dining with great service and atmosphere. The food that they serve has a distinct Mediterranean flavor. The menu also brings dishes from Spain, Portugal, Morocco, India, Greek and American foods. They work to bring savory foods that are prepared healthily. 

They also have a bakery that serves delicious freshly baked bread, rolls, dessert bread, bars, cookies, and other great freshly baked goods. They also feature tempting gourmet food items from both around the world and North Carolina.

Their menu has great breakfast entrees like bananas foster french toast, scrambled eggs, steak and eggs and more great entrees to choose from. Some of the other entrees that they offer throughout the rest of the day are the curried chicken salad, shrimp and grits, sea blt, the house salad, and other tasty options. Make sure that if you are gluten-free that you ask the server for gluten-free menu options. 

The Ports of Call have a great Brazillian tasting and wine menu to look through as well. Keep in mind that this is a four-course meal. First, you have a choice of a starter, like the coxinha or Pao de Quiezo along with some wine. Then the second course is a kale salad with mango or a hearty black bean and mixed stew. Then there is the third course, with a choice of maionese de batata and green beans, or the tropical fish/seafood stew with garlic and peppers. For your fourth course choice from the quindim (a pastry made of ground coconut, eggs yolks, and sugar served with raspberry puree) or the Brigadeiro (Brazillian chocolate bon non with mango gelee). Each course are served with wine.

The Port of Call is open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm for lunch. Then for dinner 5:00 pm till closing then Sunday for brunch for 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Make sure that you make a reservation before coming so we can save you a seat.